Provides best home solutions like Sealants, Caulk, and Stains.

Company Profile

Founded in 1936, Sashco is an 84 years-young company that geeks out over a better way to caulk and stain. The brand manufactures high-performance caulks, sealants, and stains for conventional construction and logwood homes. Sashco is driven by a passion for making products that work right the first time. The brand only makes high-performance products designed to work best for their applications. Sashco believes that great products are only half the answer; it wants you to be successful when using them too. So, when you call them, they assign you an expert who guides you and sticks with you until your job is done. Sashco has its headquarters in Brighton, CO, and employs around 50 to 200 employees. 

Truth, trust, care, forgiveness, and respect are the five values that shape every aspect of the brand’s business. These values started and grew a business able to eliminate hurdles and underscore every new product created. Find a range of Sashco products here at DK Hardware.

How the Brand Came to Be

During the Great Depression, when a quarter of the population was out of work, banks were bankrupt, and soup-kitchen lines ran long, Don Burch thought it would be a great idea to start a company. He founded the company in 1936 and gave it the name "Colorado Steel Sash." 


Constant Innovation

Donald Burch started making non-messy window putty called Elasti-glaze one bucket at a time. His company continued innovating and launching new products and patents for items such as windows, caulking guns, and even a slide rule designed for navigation. In 1973, the company was incorporated under the name Sashco, Inc.  


International Presence

Today, Sashco's locally made products are used by DIYers and professional contractors and are sold nationwide in retail stores such as Ace Hardware, Lowe's, and independently owned hardware stores. They are also available online. 


Our Products 

The brand has world-class products to protect your beautiful log or wood home from staining. It has Roof Caulk, Cnceal Txtrd Slnt, and Through the Roof Waterproof Sealant, to name a few.



14802 Grant Street

Thornton, Colorado 80023 United States