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About SEM

Offering a diverse selection of automotive solutions, ranging from protective coatings catalyst, turbo static mixer, waterborne flexible paint, multi-purpose enamel, and more.
Company Profile
SEM Products, Inc. emerges as a key player in American manufacturing, focusing on delivering excellence beyond products. Specializing in high-quality paints, primers, clearcoats, and automotive restoration solutions, SEM is dedicated to streamlining repair processes, minimizing waste, and extending the longevity of various applications. Rooted in a "built better" promise ingrained in our corporate DNA, SEM Products transcends being just a brand; it stands as a symbol of unwavering commitment to excellence, environmental responsibility, and the continuous pursuit of elevated finishes across diverse sectors.
SEM Products, Inc. takes pride in offering a comprehensive and high-quality array of automotive solutions designed to meet the demanding standards of professionals across diverse industries. Our extensive product portfolio encompasses paints, primers, clearcoats, and automotive restoration solutions, each meticulously crafted to deliver impeccable finishes on vehicles, aircraft, marine vessels, and industrial equipment. Renowned for their precision and reliability, our paints provide a perfect blend of innovation and quality, while our primers create a solid foundation for various applications. Embodying a "built better" promise, our products go above and beyond industry standards, reflecting our dedication to continuous improvement.
Building Lasting Relationships 
At SEM Products, Inc., our commitment to excellence extends beyond our high-quality products to the exceptional service we provide. Our customer-centric approach ensures a seamless experience for professionals and enthusiasts alike. From intelligent product design to technical support, we offer more than just solutions – we provide a partnership. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist throughout your journey, ensuring you achieve the best results with our products.
Secure and Seamless 
SEM Products, Inc. is pleased to announce its presence on the DK Hardware ecommerce platform, providing a secure and convenient avenue for customers to access our premium automotive solutions. With DK Hardware's commitment to secure transactions, users can confidently explore and purchase SEM's high-quality paints, primers, clearcoats, and restoration solutions. This ensures a seamless experience with a user-friendly interface, reliable customer support, and efficient delivery services.