The Sta-Rite Motto  

Following the motto of "built right to stay right," Sta-Rite lives up to its namesake by building the products that stay right.   

Serving Quality Since 1934 

For more than 85 years, Sta-Rite has manufactured water pumps and accessories in more than 100 countries. 


Widely Used 

All products from Sta-Rite are widely applicable for a variety of applications across different industries. 

Improving Technology 

Since 1934, Sta-Rite has provided solutions that improve water technologies and move them forward as a leader in the industry. 


Smart and Sustainable 

Sta-Rite manufactures and provides the most exquisite water pumps and tanks for its users across the globe. 


Wide Range 

Sta-Rite offers a wide range of accessories, like pumps, motors, tanks, and controls, in over 100 countries. 

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Sta-Rite delivers smart and sustainable water solutions to customers across the globe. Sta-Rite produces a wide range of pool pumps, cleaners, tanks, motors, and many more products that have cemented their reputation as a leader in their industry. 

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Company Profile: 

Sta-Rite is a water pump and pressurized water storage tanks manufacturer that, in association with Pentair, has been serving in over 100 countries in the world since its establishment in 1934. 

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