Genuine Concrete Screw Anchors

#1 Screw Anchor Brand 

Tapcon is the #1 recognized screw anchor brand in the industry, known for its tough and high-quality products. 


Power of a Tapcon 

Tapcon anchor holds to brick and concrete like no other, providing a long-lasting, durable bond. 


The Professional Choice 

Its quality, strength, and function make a Tapcon product an ideal choice for any professional on any application. 

What Tapcon Means  

Our tools' ability to tap their threads into concrete inspired us to name our company "Tapcon." 


The Original Masonry Fastener 

The Tapcon anchor is known as the original masonry fastener that revolutionized an industry.  


Patented Technology

The unique patented technology of Tapcon reduces installation efforts by 30% more than other screw anchors. 

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Tapcon anchors are all-purpose fasteners for almost any application. Tapcon is the revolutionary, leading screw anchor brand in the fastener industry. 

Company Profile: 

Patented in 1976, Tapcon has been providing anchors that showcase unmatched performance on a concrete or brick. Tapcon is a revolution and is the #1 screw anchor brand in the industry.

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