Industry leading innovation of “In-Use” cover technologies.

Company Profile  

Michael Shotey founded TayMac company in 1989. He was a pool builder by trade, and his work eventually led him to invent In-Use cover technology. His idea, funded by investor McLellan, allowed for the formation of TayMac. Hubbell acquired the company in April 2012. And now, with Hubbell's backing, the brand continues to flourish by setting the standard with industry-leading innovation of "In-Use" cover technologies.

Taymac's rapid growth and leadership in product performance result from listening directly to its customer's needs and responding with a full range of solutions and helpful in-field support. Taymac considers its employees as its biggest asset. The company depends on its employees' skills, intelligence, and experience to take the company to greater heights. Find a range of products from TayMac Inc. here at DK Hardware. 

Exceptional Product Line 

TayMac was a perfect bolt-on to the industry-leading BELL® brand. TayMac is synonymous with the "In-use" cover. TayMac's founder invented the first "In-Use" cover solution. TayMac sold the first In-Use cover to Home Depot in 1997. In 2008, the company launched a line of metallic weatherproof products. Shortly after that, in 2011, TayMac introduced Extra Duty, metallic In-Use covers. Some of the other top products of the company include Weatherproof Universal Device Flip Lid Covers, Air Deflector, and Plastic Thermostat Guard.


In 2012, TayMac was acquired by Hubbell Inc. To expanding its offerings further, the company launched Extra Duty, nonmetallic In-Use covers. TayMac continues to flourish by setting the standard with industry-leading innovation in In-Use cover technologies.