About Templaco

Tools for Lock and Hinge Installation.


Company Profile 

Established in 1981, Templaco Tools Inc. has been a quality tool manufacturer from California who produces and sells high-quality door hanging tools. It makes over 250 different router templates for the installation of locks, door hardware, and all types of hinges. The Templaco Bore Master cylindrical lock installation kit is nationally known as the premier installation tool preferred by the professional door hardware installer.

Based in California, USA, Templaco Tools Inc. is a quality manufacturer and seller of specialized and standard door hanging tools. Templaco makes router templates for all types of hinges, locks, and door hardware. Browse through a range of products from Templaco here at DK Hardware.

Quality Since 1981 

Templaco Tools Inc. has produced special and standard tools for door hardware installation since 1981. 


Committed Team 

Templaco is a team of committed and dedicated professionals who have made over 250 different router templates for door hardware and locks. 

High Quality Build 

All Templaco tools and parts showcase top-quality resisting features, thanks to their durable build and high standard.  


Specialized Tool Manufacturer 

As a leading tool manufacturer, Templaco Tools produces high quality and specialized door handling/installation tools that get the job done. 


One-on-One Service 

Templaco Tools satisfies its customers with their individualized, one-on-one customer service that helps users solve unique door hardware problems.  


All associated parts and tools manufactured by Templaco Tools are produced in California. 



PO Box 1234 110 Venture Street

San Marcos, California 92078 United States


(760) 471-2550

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