A New Chapter 

A year after the merger, Southern Folger introduced its Certified Detention Equipment Contractor Program along with the launch of a stocking distributor 

From Locking Systems to Security Equipment 

From jails, bridges, vaults, and sliding door locking systems to security equipment, Folger Adam Company’s focus was on becoming America’s best security equipment maker. 

Flying Towards the Future 
Today, Southern Folger provides integrated solutions for detention facilities by offering high-security products customized for the environment. 

Landmark Acquisition
Phelps-Tointon, Inc., which acquired Southern Steel Company in 1989, acquired Folger Adam Security, Inc. in 2004 and the companies merged to form Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company. 

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Combining Tradition and Technology 


Folger Adam is synonymous with quality and excellence in product materials, design, and craftsmanship. The traditional experience of Southern Steel and the zeal of Folger Adam can be seen in thousands of facilities in the US and around the world. 

Company Profile  

With quality as its central theme, Folger Adam Company has been producing high-security equipment since 1905. From humble beginnings to becoming America’s best, Folger Adam has always employed the latest technology to secure facilities of all sizes. Known for being the best, Folger Adam locks, hardware, and locking systems are the top priority for detention applications. 

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