About Pro Source International

Fostering quality products like baseboard registers, sash hanger sets, push plates, heavy-duty caulk guns, picture hangers, hook/strap hinges, vinyl floor tiles, and more. 

Company Profile

Pro Source International is a distinguished leader in the hardware industry, dedicated to exceeding customer expectations through a comprehensive range of specialized services. Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, Pro Source International is the go-to choice for both residential and commercial clients seeking top-notch solutions in cabinet hardware and accessories, heating equipment, and a wide array of commercial and residential door hardware. At Pro Source International, our mission is not just to meet but to surpass our clients' needs, offering tailored services that elevate their projects to new heights. We strive to be more than just a supplier; we aim to be a trusted partner in every step of our clients' journey towards excellence. Our unwavering dedication to quality, convenience, and support sets us apart in the industry, making Pro Source International the premier destination for all your hardware needs.

Where Convenience Meets Quality

When it comes to hardware, you need products with a proven track record that are built to last. Pro Source International has been setting the standard in the industry for over 50 years by focusing on durability, compatibility, and innovation.

Pro Source stands out for its extensive selection of a variety of tools including, baseboard register, sash hanger sets, push plates, kick plates, toilet plungers, sidewall registers, adjustable closet rods, door pull plates, heavy-duty caulk guns, picture hangers, hook/strap hinges, vinyl floor tiles, hole cover plates, wheelbarrow wheel with tubes, garden cart wheel with tubes, and more. 

Innovative Solutions for Every Need

With a dedication to fulfill customer expectations, Pro Source International provides a wide range of services customized catering to the needs of different industries and consumers, establishing itself as a trusted provider of dependable and versatile solutions. Being a reputable entity in the hardware sector, we place your requirements at the forefront and aim to be your primary choice for all your home improvement needs. So, look no further when you have Pro Source International, which stands by commitment to quality, convenience, and support. 

Products At Your Fingertips

DK Hardware, a trusted platform, offers customers an extensive selection of Pro Source International products, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. Whether you are looking for a total solution for your current project or just making necessary repairs, DK Hardware guarantees the availability of Pro Source’s quality products to fulfill your requirements. This partnership between Pro Source International and DK Hardware provides individuals and businesses with a convenient and dependable avenue to access a diverse range of top-notch products for various applications.