Door closers are available in different configurations, shapes and sizes. One among them is the floor mounted door closer, which stays concealed beneath the door and offers controlled operation to prevent door slams and minimize sounds produced when a door is closed. Along with the overhead concealed door closer, it has emerged as a popular option for a range of applications, particularly for commercial establishments, offices and public buildings.

Floor concealed door closers are extremely durable and the best option for heavy doors or areas experiencing high traffic. They are ideal when you have patch-fitted or all-glass rail doors.

When ordering a floor mounted door closer, consider the following factors

  • The spring size : Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5 and Size 6
  • Hold open or no hold open designs
  • The maximum door size that matches the fixed spring size for different door closers. Available options listed here.
  • The backcheck, which brakes or dampens the door when opening at angles between 75 degrees and 90 degrees.
  • A door closer should not be used as a door step; it is best to fix an auxiliary doorstep when you need a positive stop. It can prevent the door from overextending beyond its range, and causing damage to the closer or door frame (which will cost you more than the price of the auxiliary doorstep).

What are the available types of floor mounted door closers ?

  1. Heavyweight floor mounted door closers
  2. Narrow width floor mounted door closers
  3. Shallow depth floor mounted door closers
  4. Spring power adjustable door closers
  5. Floor mounted door closers

Heavyweight floor mounted door closers, such as the CRL8500 Series that includes various spring sizes and is suitable for a maximum door weight of 800lbs.

Within this series, you have multiple door closer designs, including the popular CRL8532 with 180 degree hold open.

Narrow width floor mounted door closers, which work especially well for doors installed with patch hardware as the smaller cover plates in this installation offer a more aesthetic look.

Shallow depth floor mounted door closers can be easily installed in a shallow cut-out in the floor, and are very useful for doors above the ground floor.

Spring power adjustable door closers for bigger and heavier single or double acting doors. The J993HOD in a cement case is maintenance-free and works reliably under extreme weather conditions.

Floor mounted door closers in cement case that use a single door closing mechanism for single, double-acting, center-hung or offset applications. The Dorma BTS802 is a versatile product suitable for any floor covering or threshold height.